awards / design

Date: 2001

Client: Safilo with Carrerasport brand


Winner at the International design competition on-line  ”Worldframe – Sport, Fashion & Techno

Design for eyeglasses equipped with a device to measure heart rate and earphones for listening to music from mp3 players

Design Edoardo Carlino

Safilo, Carrerasport,

Press Release

The International Design Competition on-line, entitled:Worldframe – Sport Fashion & Techno came to an end meeting with a great participation and interest.

It is the first on-line design for a new concept of frame. By this innovatory method the Venetian firm means to inaugurate a new line of eyeglasses open to the creative minds from all around the world.

Its briefing, fascinating but difficult, full of technical but even anthropological and semiotic requirements, prefigured an eyeglasses design able to express an image combining fashion, sport and technological performance.

224 professional designers and students (from all over the world: Europe, Brasil, Usa and Asia) downloaded the announcement of competition and entered for it.

Among them, 56 finished and sent us their proposals, in all we received 67 projects, illustrated by 238 images.

Safilo design team, managed by Sergio Borsato, selected the projects of the following designers, everyone of them will be awarded a prize of 1.033 euro (ITL 2 millions):

Marco Colasanti

Omar Luigi Carano

Edoardo Carlino

Studio Myr

Giorgia Zangrandi.