Futuristic Avantgarde bed design is reminiscent to vintage sports cars

Italian Studio Think Future Design has created a striking futuristic bed dubbed Avantgarde. The design of this exquisite bed collection is inspired from classy style of vintage sports cars. It is framed for those who love to daydream while lying down on their comfy bed.

Avantgarde is a contemporary bed made from high quality material Adamantx that is clenched in subtle futuristic finish. Its headboard comes upholstered in leather or optional border color as per the user’s preference and taste.

Design of the bed beautifully flaunts both Glossy and Matt texture on its majestic layout. The layout of this classy bed is available in various colors options including- gray, white, maroon, besh and black. So, you can select anyone according to interior of your chamber.

The bed measuring about 81 x 91 x 35-inches can be placed by the side of a wall or within center of your bedroom to naturally grab your attention with the bedroom to enjoy a comfortable night sleep. This spectacular aspect of the Avantgarde resting platform makes it suitable for any styled bedroom whether customary or contemporary. As high quality leisure doesn’t come cheap, so does this luxury bed that comes with a high price tag of about €15,000 (approx. US$19,220).


Via Homecrux